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Bob and LeeAnne

Linda's talent is as big as her heart. Her unique style of performing makes it hard to believe you are listening to only one piano! She puts on one heck of a show...always upbeat, inspiring and a fun time for the entire family.

Marsha White

I was privilded to see you entertain recently on the Coral Princess. You are amazing and such a terrific entertainer. I look foward to seeing you again when you come to my area. Your style is unique. Thanks for sharing your talents in one of the best shows I have ever seen.

Dorothy A Frost

Linda, you are not only a gifted and most entertaining pianist, but a lovely trusting person also. I met you at your 2nd concert in
Port Townsend, WA when you performed charitably for the "SecondChanceRanch", a shelter for rescued animals. I thank you for that,
and for letting me take two cd's, and trusting me to send you the money. Needless to say "Thanks again", and the check's in the mail!

Ron Freeman

Saw you in concert in Cullowee, NC at WCU last night..a hidden treasure pleasantly discovered!

Charles Hasselbach

Hi Linda, I still love your music and still have the original signed CD and poster you gave me in Las Vegas many years ago. You are still wonderful person and I am so happy to have found you again.

Thank you,

Cheryl Cashman and Dave Cunningham

We had the pleasure of enjoying Linda's performance on a recent cruise to Antarctica. Not only is Linda gifted with talent, but her performance spoke to all nations and all people. Linda was captivating, and it was a pleasure to sit back and enjoy her show. Because of her command of such diverse musical genres, we would have loved to have heard more of her music. Fortunately for us Linda will be performing in the near future close to our residence and we will have the opportunity of enjoying more of her talent. Thank you Linda, you have a great gift.

Maria Gannotti-Fersko

Dear Linda,
I had the great good fortune to hear you play at The Warwick Hotel on Sunday, January 11th. I am Aaron Caruso's Assistant and, as you said, his #1 Fan.
You are a brilliant pianist - precise and moving. I could never tire of listening to you. What's more you are a gracious lady. With good thoughts and best wishes, Maria

Dale Roeck

Hi, Ms. Linda! I hope you still remember me. I was one of your piano students, and took lessons from you from kindergarten to 6th grade. Musically, I'm doing very successfully for a fourteen-year-old. Since my last recital with you, I've written about 17 scores, ranging from small ensembles to full orchestras. Some of my compositions are being featured in my school's concerts, too! I've also learned how to play violin. In addition, I am the accompanist for my school's choir, and I will be the accompanist for the annual Cape May Honor's Choir show this year. I'd really like you to see how I've progressed with the piano, that is if you remember me! Please email me back if you get this!

Sincerely, Dale Roeck of Ocean City

D D White

I was impressed with You Linda from the very beginning i heard you play at the Huntington Sheriton in South Pasadena . I would buy
you sheet music of various show tunes and you would play them for me. We became somewhat acquainted and she introduced me to
her friends. Everything you read on the guestbook is true. I especially like the way she played the Classics, my favorite show tune was "Somewhere In Time".

Brien Comerford

As we enter the Holiday season I especially appreciate the mystical and spiritual splendor of Linda's nonpareil piano virtuosity. Her love of God, family, children, animals and humane veganism enable her to personify compassion in action.

Kathy Weeks

My employers were unable to use thier tickets when you played at the Dixie in Ruston, LA, and offered them to me. I was able to take my 16 year old daughter and my mother-in-law. We were all blown away. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Maurice Klabunde

LInda, I have always enjoyed your music every since I heard you play at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, and later when I met you in Scottsdale Arizoniz. Any one that loves music should definitly go to one of your concerts if they have the chance. I know they won't be disapointed, you are the best!!!!!


Linda, my family and I had the privilege of hearing you perform in Kirtland, NM. It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed every second of your show. We hope you will be able to return to the FourCorners area again soon.

Juanita K. Wright

Linda, do hope you had a safe drive from KY to NJ (the beautiful Garden State). I am awed by your music and your story. The cable TV, is back, we think. Has been on and off. So I will see your LIVE IN CHINA 2006. THANKS AGAIN.

Juanita K. Wright


Bev & George

You never cease to amaze us whenever we hear you play like we did on your Web videos. What a wonderful site this is. We love you!


she is a wonderfful pianist the best
i know her many years ago from
the westing bonaventure hotel in los angeles CA.
and Las Vegas, congratulations Linda i am so glad
you are doing so well!! can't wait to see you!!! Arturo Flores

Charles P.

Bonjour Linda
Always have been a fan of yours and always will be.
Almost 20 years have gone by since I last saw you in Paris.
Your music is still great to listen to .

Brien Comerford

I own and immensely enjoy all of Linda's captivating and ethereal Cds. She is a piano virtuoso in addition to being a benevolent humanitarian and a longstanding compassionate, animal loving vegetarian/vegan. "Passion" and "A Gentille Ocean" are my two favorite Linda Gentille CDs. I hope she releases a live CD.


I went to one of your concerts in China when i was little and i found your CD just now. I really like your music, especially because my parents played your CD in the car alot when i first moved to Canada.