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bill hetland

saw you on the royal caribbean cruise last winter.....outstanding and wonder if you will ever come to Saskatchewan canada?Bill

Karin Berg

Hi Linda. Great to see how you are doing! I hope life is wonderful and full for you. I have thought of you often in my days since high school and it makes me happy to see you making so much of your many talents. I live in Dallas now with my 4 dogs and soon with my girlfriend of several years. Life is good. I am a physician and race bicycles and am generally very happy.

Look me up on facebook if you'd like to catch up, and take care of you!!


Graeme Moorhouse

Linda, Thank you for the incredible concert onboard Legend of the Seas on 31 Dec 2010. Love your CDs and thanks for the autographs. You are truly one very special woman and artist.

Thank you so much Graeme

Bettejane McCracken

We saw you perform many times in Atlantic City and we think you are fantastic.

Do you ever perform in Florida, especially near Fort Myers?

Hello Bettejane,

Just saw this posting. Please email me on my website and I will send you my schedule. I am moving to Florida

Lissy Holroyd

Linda: You are amazing!

Your friend and fan charles from Paris

Hello Linda

Long time we haven't seen each other, almost 20 years since you last came and stayed with us in our home in Paris, France.
I live in shanghai, china now , i can not hardly wait to see you playing piano again in china.
Last time I saw you performed it was in Los Angeles when you performed for Pat sajak show back in 1989.
I hope you are doing well, your brother too, I hope we can stay in touch.
I would like to hear you playing again maybe on your next trip to china.
PS I still have your tapes that i listen sometimes

Art Obester

A slightly belated but sincere thank you for the GREAT concert at the Muckenthaler in Fullerton. Mike and Ron (cruise Christmas 2009) were kind enough to ask me to be with them and I am glad they did. Meeting you after the show was an extra bonus. You are delightful! And I lost ten plus pounds just listening to your Great Balls of Fire CD.......actually using the elliptical at the same time probably had somthing to do with it.
'Hope shortly to see you again ...maybe in NJ.

Dr. Bob from the Nugget

Hi Linda, I'm hoping you'll remember me. We met in 1991 when you were playing at the Golden Nugget lounge and I worked in the dice pit. Remember? I gave you the Theracane with the blue spike balls. I was your most ardent fan. Hope to see you soon. Love Bob

Cheryl and Dave

Wonderful concert at Long Beach -Karen and Richard Carpenter Theater. Great Balls of Fire! You give so much to your audience. We so enjoy your concerts and our friendship. See you soon and best to Nic.

Ken Caroline Jessica & Lauren Takeda

Linda, We truly enjoyed meeting you and listening to you playing. We loved your show and expecially loved having you come and play for us in our Suite. We look forward to seeing you perform again, and will try to make it to Cal State Long Beach. Thank you for your gifts, Have a safe journey and a wonderful life!


The Takeda Family

Dan Boronico

Hello Linda,

I've been a big fan of yours for many years. I use to see you play in Atlantic City a lot back in the early nineties. I was wondering what you been up to so I looked you up.

I am a world class guitar player. I am to Jose Feliciano, as you are to Liberace. I recently played with Jose on stage.. I've made music a big part of my life now. I'm working with Jose Felicaino on a couple albums as executive producer. I think it's time for me to come out as a musician. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for all the memories.
Dan Boronico

patricia jablonski

really enjoy your shows at the PAC center in cape may nj

Linda Gentille

really strange to look up my name and find you....listened to your music..your very wonderful

Marilyn and Willis

Hello Linda; it was indeed an honor to listen to you play and entertain on the Ruby Princess June, 2010. My husband and I are celebrating our 4oth wedding anniversary and are thriled to have you be a part of it. Your presentation and style of playing was undescribeable and simply put 'breath taking'
Don't loose your sense of humor and sense of who you are; so many entertains do! God bless you, M

Georgiana Furr

We had the pleasure to hear your concert on the Crown Princess enroute from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome, Italy. We
we enjoyed every minute of the program and went back the next program you played. Thank you again for a wonderful
evening of music.
Richard and Georgiana Furr

Joe and Sue


It was great hearing your performance on the Celebrity Constellation charter cruise. It was also wonderful being a "Jacuzzi Buddy"!
We look forward to hearing your CDs over and over. We requested that Celebrity books you for the February 14 cruise but we see that you're already scheduled elsewhere.

Thanks again for gracing us with your superb talent.

Joe and Sue


You truly are extraordinary. I surely hope our paths cross again soon.

Miss you.


Nancy Lawler

The world is a brighter place because of you and your music. You have enriched my life and I hope to see you again on the high seas. God bless your hands.

Hernany Hernandez

Dear Mrs Linda, After a year that we met you on the cruise ship constellation, I'm sill impressed on your love of playing the piano and how you play the list of 10 without making any mistake.
I Hope to see a show yours again in the future...God bless you!!

Christine m

Hi Linda: Saw you in Charleston, WV and was truly amazed at your show. I have never heard such beautiful renditions of some favorite piano songs. The "Sound of Music" medley was out of this world. If I ever see you scheduled again my husband and I will surely go and see you again.