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Justine Cruz

Hello Linda my name is Justine I have been a fan of yours since I was around 3 years old watching you play at the trump plaza. I spent almost every weekend . I remember you choosing me too sit next to you while you preformed you even gave me a once in a lifetime oppertunity to go your dressing room where you signed a poster for me which I still have only wall till this very day. I wanted to thank you for opening my heart to the wonderfull world of music and being an inspiration and cherished part of my life that I will never forget.

Craig & Andrea Anderson

Outstanding performance on the Seven Seas Navigator this evening. KUDOS!!!

Brien Comerford

Linda is an emanation from paradise who loves children, animals. God, compassion for all life in addition to being a sterling pianist and wondrous vocalist ! Viva Linda. Plaudits for Linda.

Emmy Allgood

Hello Linda and happy holidays, wherever you are spending them. Lots of success in 2013.

Emmy Allgood
(we had dinner the night before your great performance on the Riviera)

P.S.: Do you have a video of any of your performances? The little clip on your website doesn't do you justice.

Lorraine Unruh

Hi Linda: I met you on the Oceania cruise in October /12 (1 of 4 Canadian women) and I wanted to thank you for the CD you signed and left for me. I received the Broadway CD and it is just fabulous. What a nice gift! I hope to be able to attend another one of your concerts again soon! Lorraine

Lauren Cartwright

Hi Linda. I met you on the Riviera (Oct 4th - Oct 14th 2012) with my friends from Canada and wanted to thank you for the CD's you sent us through Lisa. The CD is fabulous as was your performance on the ship. My friends told me they have really enjoyed their CD's as well. I hope we have the chance to meet again. All the best

Lauren Cartwright
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Barbara & Ron Morgan

Thoroughly enjoyed your September 1, 2012 performance in Cape May, NJ; highlighting the wonderful baritone Ron Baker and featuring his talented neice Lawson Young. This was our second Concert and we were absolutely enthralled! The Jersey Shore Pops were great, Fiddler on the Roof amazing, and your Phantom medley was beautiful. We look forward to another Linda/Ron collaboration next year!

Brien Comerford

Linda is a genuine Godsend for music lovers, humans and animals. Her ASIA CD is beyond awesome. Linda is such a wondrous vocalist. For that matter, ASIA is arguably Linda's finest CD and I love PASSION too. All her CDs merit approbation and appreciation.

Eugene Laporte

Looking forward to seeing you perform in Ontario. My girls are excited and I know we are all in for a treat.

John and Susan Burrell

We want to thank you for the wonderful performance in Franklin, NC this afternoon.
Highly enjoyed ourselves. You are a very gifted pianoist and we will certainly come to see you
if you are in Franklin again.

Thank You

Christopher Kolarz

Wow. Your a celebrity!!!! I enjoyed speaking with you On the Phil Phoenix usair flight your were headed to Palm Springs to see you Mom. Uilleann piper.

Janice and Graham Frary

Hi Linda, home now and just playing your beautiful cd, which you kindly gave us on board the Grandier of the Seas.
Just wanted to say, Thank You for your company, kindness and genorosity, we feel priveledged to have met you and discovered your wonderful talent.
Hope to see you again soon, perhaps on another cruise ship!!
Lots of Love
Janice and Graham xx

Paula Beasley

Linda, my husband and I were privileged to see all 3 of your shows recently while on the Princess Sapphire and the Hawaiian cruise. We have been on 11 cruises and agree that your show was the best we have ever seen. You captivated both of us and I have been telling our friends about you. Our daughterinlaw's sister recently moved to Hong Kong. Do you perform there? I would like to tell Rebecca to watch for you.
Paula Beasley

Hello Paula,

Thank you so much for your kind words that is so nice. Please email me on the website contact form so I can email you direct. This guest book does not capture emails. Thanks again.

Ron Cluts

Really enjoyed your music on Sapphire Princess the last part of April this year. You are an amazing entertainer & Lady. It was fun coming up on stage with you and meeting you personally. I so enjoyed your husband being in our bible study group also. May God continue to bless both of you as you serve Him.

Hello Ron,

Thanks so much for the kind words. Please email us so we have your email and can stay in contact. All the best .

bill hetland

Linda,i am a fan that was fortunite to see you preform with the Royal Carribian cruse line a couple years ago.
My wife and I are comming to see my daughter in Boston this fall and want to go to your Nov.concert in Jersey....but we are farmers and can not committ that far ahead at this time . My question to you is,what are the chances to get last minute tickets to that concert.
I hope to take my sister to your concert in Feb in Palm springs/desert for her birthday ,but more important take my wife of 30+ in Nov. if we can get tickets and make the trip .
Thank-you Bill Hetland

Hello Bill,

Thanks so much for your comments. If you can email me, that would be great. You can send me an email on this website under contact. Hope to hear from you.

Carmel Sitton

Linda, I want you to know how much we enjoyed your performances, we went to both shows, on the Sapphire Princess Hawaiian Cruise, March 10 - 24. You are a true entertainer and a blessing to our eyes and ears. We have been enjoying our Ragtime Rhythm CD.
Thank you for entertaining us.

Carmel and Vernon

Thank you so much !

stan olson

I was just listening to the BROADWAY cd and God moved me to find you on the computer. I remember the upbeat lady at the GOLDEN NUGGET with the sore wrist. Your convert with the custom paint job was super. I am so pleased that life has been kind to you. PLAY ON!! Stan Olson

Dean & Lois Lange

We are back in Paradise - Naples FL Just got home and still we are thinking of the performance you did on the Sapphire Princess. As I write this we
are listening to your CD we got from you. Just looked at your schedule and see you are very busy keeping those figures active. Hope that someday you
relocate in Naples and perform at the PHYL. If you and your husband would like to come visit to look at property we have a guest room on a golf course.
Would be happy to show you around. Do not have a piano but have friends that have a baby grand. Love the music. Dean & Lois Lange in Paradise Naples,FL

Hoping to move there myself. Love to see your home. Please email me!

Brien Comerford

" Asia" and "Passion" are two of my all time favorite Cds in my 3000 CD plus colection. Asia unveils Linda sterling vocals and Passion is an instrumental marvel. Linda's piano prowess and eclecticism are bolstered even more when she wondrously sings.

Mary Seger

My husband and I were on Golden Princess Dec 7 - Dec 21. I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed your shows. We could have watched you every night.l What a marvelous gift God has given you. You are an outstanding performer.

Thank you so much for your kind comments Mary. Hope you are on my email list.