Linda Gentille "COMEDY PIANO ENTERTAINER" Demo 3 Min.

Linda Gentille ," Comedy Piano Entertainer" is an amazing performer in concert. This demo video  displays highlights of Linda's show.

Linda dazzles audiences in this demo with her virtuosic piano skills and her comedic personality. Linda never fails to bring audiences to their feet more than once during every single performance! She is a cross between Liberace and Victor Borge with her own unique style.She has performed over 1000 concerts and now performs in performing arts centers around the country as well as on luxury cruise lines.

For more information on this fantastic performer, please visit her website at


November 29, 2011

Just got off the Golden Princess Hawaii cruise where I had a great time with my friends on board and had dinner with some very special people. It really is a small world. Here I am in Busan, Korea waiting for the cruise shuttle bus. I find a woman who looked like she was melting int he sun and offered to share my umbrella with her. Well, out of the thousands of passengers on the Diamond ( I was on the Legend), wouldn't you know that Mary Ann would be on my next ship, the Golden for Thanksgiving? Amazing. So I had a wonderful dinner with her and her husband Ron and their cruise friends at the Crown Grill. Yummy. Hope to see you on land or sea again soon Mary Ann and stay out of the sun.


November 29, 2011

It has been a while since I posted on this blog since Prince passed on. Well, this year has been the year of the Golden Princess. Here is a rare photo of my hubby and me relaxing in Hawaii. When he is on vacation he really knows how to relax.I have had a great time on the Golden starting with a vacation with my hubby and then meeting so many wonderful friends on board. More photos will follow soon. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.



May 17, 2011


Saying goodbye to Prince. I came back home just in tie. Prince, our 15 year old wolf dog who was always a picky eater, finally stopped eating a few days before I came home. Many tests and forced medications later, we decided it was time. People who don't have children often consider their pets their children. With my husband and I, that is exactly the way it was. Prince has been here for 15 years and yesterday was one of the most difficult days of my life. You try everything you can, but do not want to prolong their pain. He was in pain and could barely stand the last day. But you know, he still managed to still crawl up the stairs slow as molassis the last night as he always did for 12 years. He always wanted to sleep in our bedroom.

I loved Prince as any mother loves a child. But in order to reduce the pain of thinking about it, I will instead think of how he got white hair all over everything. How he never let me practice the piano unless I locked him away because he always constantly howled for food. He was always hungry like a wolf. But when the thoughts about how special he was creep in, I will watch the videos of him on you tube choosing rolls over chicken and hating having his teeth brushed..

If you look further down on the blog, you will see where Prince had a miracle surgery two years ago by Dr. Nick Holland ( lucky our best friend is a veterinarian) which gave him another good 2 years. He had his spleen removed. We were fortunate to have him as long as we did. We will miss you Prince






May 9, 2011


Had a great time once again on the Legend of the Sea in Asia. The Tsunami has been hard on the cruise ships in Asia and they are now recovering. It was great to see some of my old friends from Singapore this past month. Since we were only doing one show, I had time to socialize with some friends. Here is a photo of some of my good Singapore friends. Lillian invited me to dinner and we had a great time!

Had a nice surprise visit with my mother in Palm Springs and now am trying to figure out what time zone to stay on. I was in Asia for 2 weeks. Now I am back for just 2 weeks in the US and then back to China for a concert tour for Children's Day. Then back to the Legend of the Sea for another 2 weeks. My body is not sure what to think about this. Lots of naps help.!!!


All the best.


PHOTO: Lillian, Alan, Jessie, George, Jacinta and Mr. and Mrs. Ong.


March 24, 2011

Just got off the Golden Princess Cruise ship in Lahaina, Maui and had to say goodbye to Mom, my cousin Kathy and all my friends. I love the Golden Princess. I think it is my new favorite cruise ship. The workers on the ship are fantastic and the musicians were awesome. Everyone has the aloha spirit and is happy. Well, who wouldn't be happy working on a ship in Paradise all the time. I love all Princess ships, but this especially.

We had a great time visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii and mom had a good time in her very very large suite. Room service on the Golden Princess is awesome if you have a suite! We even saw whales from her balcony the last day on Maui. Just breathtaking! More photos will be posted later but here is a photo of my good friend's Howie and May from California. They are loyal Princess regulars and we have cruised together many times now. They are always so much fun. Howie hardly ever talks, but when he does,it is always hilarious!! Will miss you  guys and hope to see you soon on another Princess ship!



February 17, 2011


Still in Asia on Legends of the Sea performing and working on my new album called ASIA. This new album will be a collection of the most famous songs from all over ASIA. I cannot believe I have not done this album before with all the years I have been performing in ASIA. Well, better late than never. I am totally behind in the Facebook Revolution. In China, Facebook is banned so it is difficult to keep up with everyone. I don't know how people have time to do Facebook and Twitter but I guess they aren't traveling all over the world all the time struggling to get fast internet wherever you can. Happy Chinese New Year!


September 4, 2010

Just got off the Legends of the Sea and am spending a few days at PHF with the orphans in China. This is Wendy and Stacey two of the special kids here and Josh. Josh is the son of Dr. and Dr. Moody that live here and devote their lives to these kids.

It is always an amazing experience and if you ever come to Beijing, you should plan to visit down here with the kids. You can check out their website at

Wendy plays the piano so beautifully and tomorrow will be working with her on some of her music. Love hearing her play. Stacey is a special young lady and both of them now are working part time which is great.

All the best from China.


August 8,2010jade


It is a lucky day here in China. 8th day of the 8th month and I spent it having a great dinner with lovely ladies  Meghan and Jade, my friends from Legends of the Sea.  I got off the ship yesterday and am in Beijing for a couple days and thought it would be fun to go with the girls to the Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing. Typical American tourist right?

Well I arrived with Panda in hand for Jade and we all had a great time. Hard Rock Cafe is a great place for kids because it has so many things going on at the same time on the TV's so kids are in sensory overload. Jade was multi-mediaing the entire dinner which was great for our chats during dinner.


Now off to get ready for a tour of China for the next week and then to America for the Pops season opening concert. Then back to China the following day. Wow! This has been a busy summer. Lucky it was only 98 degress and not 100 today for my 4th walk up the Great Wall.

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